Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Client Work: Drapes

Yes, I'm still here...I have been going back and forth to Mississippi this Summer so have been a little MIA on the blog. You are more than welcome to check out what I have been working on there:

I wanted to share how drapes can make a big difference in a space. These are cell phone pics because I am awful at remembering my camera, but you will get the idea.

Before: These drapes were dark and dated with a heavy cornice that completely took away from the 9 ft ceilings.
The rest of the room (as well as her whole house) is beautiful and she wanted something a little more modern to add a little personality to the room.
We went with a simple printed fabric pulling color used in other parts of the room. We hung them floor to ceiling with grommets to maximize the look! The fabric was fairly thick but lining them with blackout backer helped give them more structure and keeps them in place.
What the pictures don't show is that this rod took 3 hrs to hang! So thankful for a handyman that didn't give up!!

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